Managing Chronic Diseases

Common chronic diseases that we screen for include:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Asthma
  • Depression

If you’re diagnosed with one of these conditions, we work with you to manage it, bring it under control, and keep it controlled. To manage a chronic disease, you may need to practice many skills:

  • Understanding what triggers your disease and avoiding these things
  • Using medical equipment, such as a glucose meter for diabetes testing or an inhaler for asthma, properly
  • Testing regularly
  • Eating the types and amounts of food that give you the best chance to avoid triggering the condition
  • Exercising regularly to take care of your mind and body
  • Getting enough rest to help your body battle your disease
  • Knowing what to do in an emergency when the disease is out of control

We help you understand each of the skills you need to manage your disease. Then, we design a treatment plan. We will teach you how to use any equipment you need. We may ask you to take our nutrition classes to learn how food affects your condition and how you can control this area. We may want to see you more often to monitor your progress.

Diabetes Management

Diabetes strikes more of our patients than any other chronic disease. To counter this, we offer diabetes management services throughout many of our clinics here at EPFMC. Services include:

  • A diabetes support group
  • Pharmacy consultations with our in-house pharmacists
  • Referrals to EPFMC’s Dental Clinic
  • Periodontal care, including screening for pregnant diabetic patients
  • Podiatry referrals outside EPFMC for serious conditions when necessaryRetinal screening in our Adult Medicine Clinic to check for eye problems caused by diabetes
  • Ophthalmology referrals outside EPFMC when needed
  • Dermatology office treatments at EPFMC These services are for EPFMC patients only.

Health Education Classes

In addition to treating and monitoring this disease, the Adult Medicine Clinic offers health education classes for managing diabetes.

Nutrition counseling is key to managing chronic disease. Classes focus on nutrition counseling to help patients with diabetes learn more about their disease and get it under control. Classes we offer include:

  • What Is Diabetes?
  • Self-Care Management
  • What I Need to Know about Eating and Diabetes
  • What Is High Cholesterol and Triglycerides?
  • How to Increase Fiber in the Diet
  • How to Prevent or Delay Diabetes
  • Basic Principles on How to Lose Weight
  • TrueTrack® Glucometer (which shows you how to use your blood sugar-testing meter)

In the TrueTrack classes, you will learn how to test your blood sugar properly. After you attend two other health education classes, you can receive a free TrueTrack Glucometer. You don’t need an appointment to attend these classes, but you must be a patient of EPFMC.

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